Gebze Technical University, Department of Chemistry was founded in 1994 and provides education at Master and PhD levels. The department, which has been giving master and doctorate level educations since its foundation, will be active for undergraduate students as of 2017 - 2018 academic year. The Department of Chemistry is continuing education - teaching as well as research - development activities with wide, strong and experienced academic staff in Çayırova Campus.

The research laboratories of department equipped with the most modern equipments and the main research fields of the chemistry department can be summarized as follows;

  • Light collecting molecules that can be used in the field of renewable energy
  • New drug active compounds that can be used in cancer treatment
  • Sensor systems for diagnosis of various diseases
  • New materials for LED and OLED manufacturing
  • Yield improving catalysts in different reactions
  • Functional polymers
  • Phosphazenes chemistry
  • Chemical sensors
  • Macrocyclic compounds
  • Phthalocyanines
  • Enzyme immobilization
  • Biotechnology, biodiesel production
  • Computational chemistry
  • Computer aided molecular design
  • Adsorption
  • Ion Exchange
  • Surface chemistry
  • Electrochemistry
  • Conducting polymers
  • Prebiotic production
  • Design of polymeric sorbents and investigation of them in the use for purification of water from petroleum and its derivatives
  • Polymeric adsorbents
  • Examination of amphiphilic gels and their properties
  • Development of new products for the treatment of various diseases and wounds
  • Bioenergy studies
  • Cosmetic chemicals
  • Monomer and macromonomer synthesis

Scientific studies carried out in our department are supported by Gebze Technical University Scientific Research Projects (BAP), The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Development. Although it has been a short time since its establishment, the laboratories for research and industrialization are equipped with the most modern devices. Since 2000, the department has been successful in publishing more than 700 articles in various high-quality international academic journals; It has made very important scientific contributions in the field of basic chemistry and applications to our university, our country as well as world science.

Within the department members are the academicians who received the TUBITAK Incentive Award, the METU Mustafa Parlar Award, the TUBA GEBIP Award, the Science Academy BAGEP Award.

Department Laboratories:

  • Chromatography Laboratory
  • Mass Laboratory
  • X-Ray Laboratory
  • NMR Laboratory
  • Polymer Synthesis and Applications Laboratory
  • Metal-Organic Materials and Biosensor Laboratory
  • Spectroscopy Laboratory
  • Inorganic Polymer Laboratory
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  • Metal-Organic Synthesis Laboratory
  • Bioinorganic Synthesis and Biological Activity Laboratory (BISBAL)
  • Inorganic Materials Synthesis and Research Laboratory
  • Heterocyclic Compounds Synthesis Laboratory
  • Amphiphilic Heterocyclic Compounds Laboratory
  • Phosphazenes Chemistry Research Laboratory
  • Synthetic Carbon Allotrope (SCA) Laboratory
  • Advanced Materials Synthesis and Research Laboratory
  • Tetrapyrrole Chemistry Laboratory
  • Tetrapyrrolic Molecules and Nano Materials Laboratory
  • Electrochemistry and Sensor Research Laboratory
  • Photoelectrochemistry Research Laboratory
  • Macromolecular Materials Research Laboratory
  • Bioinorganic and Complex Synthesis Laboratory
  • Biochemistry Laboratory
  • Photodynamic Therapy Laboratory